As stated in the syllabus, you will be allowed a revision on each of our three In Class Assessments. On your revisions, you will have the opportunity to rework any problem on which you lost any amount of credit. The revised work will be graded using the original grading rubric. You will be given 50% of the difference between the revised grade and the original grade, rounded up. So, for example, if you originally score a 73 on an assessment, and your revised work earns a 94, you will receive 0.5*(94 - 73) = 0.5(21) = 10.5 → 11 points back for a final score of 84.

Here are the specific rules for doing these revisions.
  • You do not have to rework any problem on which you did not lose points, even if there are markings or notes on it.
  • If you lost points on one part of a problem but not the other parts of the same problem, you do not have to revise the entire thing. For example, if you got full credit on parts (a) and (c) of a problem but lost points on part (b), you do not have to revise parts (a) or (c).
  • You may revise as much or as little of your assessment as you wish. You may even choose not to revise any of it if you don't want to.
  • Please put your writeup on separate sheets (NOT on the original assessment); and show all work unless the problem specifies otherwise.
  • Late submissions or submissions put on the original assessment will not be accepted.
  • Submissions of the revision without the original assessment will not be accepted.
  • You have until noon on Monday, March 14 to inform me of any grading errors that I might have made. After that time, the original assessment's grade will be considered final.
  • The revisions on these assessments are to be considered take-home exams for the purposes of collaboration. In other words,you are not allowed to collaborate with any other person besides the professor as you work your revisions. However: I am very happy to help you with your work on the revisions and answer questions about the grading, so please utilize me as a resource as you work.

Here are the due dates for the revisions of the In Class Assessments:
  • ICA 1: Due at class time on Tuesday, March 15
  • ICA 2: TBA
  • ICA 3: TBA